Tuesday, August 30, 2011


2011 0827


We celebrated the Mr's birthday and our new home has now been warmed by wonderful friends.  It is still rather chilly here in the evening and so a beautiful orange 44 gallon drum was sourced and cut in half for the comfort of our guests. We had a fantastic time.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


2011 0823

doctor dollies

Yesterday was our monthly meeting for the CWA. Next time I need to sit where I can read the motto to recite it (though I'm sure I'll know if off by heart soon enough).

Not that I don't love the rest of the day, but my favourite part is morning tea, those ladies know how to bake!

I helped sew a couple of doctor dollies for the young patients at Princess Margaret Hospital. The Dr's draw on the dolls to show kids where they are going to perform a surgery or such on them,  and then the kids get to keep and hold on to the dolls as a comfort.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another Weekend

2011 0820


2011 0821

A trip to Perth to meet a little man who's birth was a healing experience, and have lunch with a friend who's birthday in four days will also be the first anniversary of her beloved younger sister's passing.

I hope you got to spend time with good friends over the weekend.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Weekend


2011 0814

Saturday was that glorious kind of warm perfect day that I wish we could have more of between the cold of winter and the blistering heat of summer. So delicious! I spent quite a bit of it outdoors in the rose patch pruning my little heart out. I'm still going, and I started the weekend before!

Sunday was a sunday drive out to visit my sister and her wife to see their new abode, a fun fifth wheeler caravan on their hundred acres. I had such a good time. We were also lucky enough to have a visit in the morning from my Aunt who bought Granny with her and my Uncle Geoff, the family historian. Little video clips were taken of the outside of our house and all of us having coffee in the kitchen. I like the thought that Charlie will have these pieces of family history from when he was a baby.

2011 0815

Monday my Aunt turned 60 and I bought my first Pandora charm, I like that she has a little reminder of us and her special birthday. I also shot this canola field on the way over for dinner which is the perfect change for my header, seagull footprints at the beach aren't relevant now we're in the wheatbelt.


Saturday, August 13, 2011


July Mosaic

was a month of

:: unpacking and settling in
:: making new friends
:: visits and visiting
:: party planning
:: lots of trips by pram
:: learning to light the fire
:: three sewing machines, not one working
:: me giving up trying to keep breads and foods apart from fruits and veges (and breast milk) out of Charlie's diet. It's tiring being seen as the food nazi.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Breakfast lately

Inspired by baby food. Generally consisting of... 2 bananas, 2 apples, 2 pears, and 2 good handfuls of spinach. Yum! this one has a small handful of walnuts too.

2011 0715

Really just a green smoothie without the water. I made one on the weekend with maca powder, cacoa powder and half an avocado that was left out overnight on the bench. That tasted delicious!

I'm still breastfeeding, and still losing weight (I don't weigh myself, but my wedding rings are rather spinny on my finger and I just about need to wear a belt in my skinny jeans). That statement probably isn't arousing any sympathy, poor me right? I'm not too thin or anything, but I need to be more prepared for feeding myself. With bread, milk and cereal on my 'prefer to avoid' list I often go hungry and then eat the bread anyway because I'm ravenous. I'm totally not eating in line with my ideals. Green Pudding however is a breakfast I can feel good about... except maybe the cost of the bananas.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Captain Charlie

Only having sent out the last of my baby thankyous last week, I am licking and sticking the envelopes to send out the invites for wee man's first birthday next month.

I do not know when our baby suddenly changed in to a little boy, but it happened right in front of my eyes somehow. That imperceptible day by day growth!

pirate party invite

When the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out there were lots of pirate party ideas floating about the interwebs, so I thought it was a good theme to go with and I made a pinterest board here.

For the invite I used the pirate scarf and eye patch image in the free photobooth props from Oh Happy Day. I was thinking of a treasure map for the invite but this was easier and I like the way the photo personalises it.

Now I need to finish sewing the pirate bunting and get on to the streamers!