Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The War You Don't See

There isn't much that keeps me up till midnight these days, but John Pilger's film The War You Don't See on SBS last night had the Mr and I up to 12 o'clock when we should have been packing or sleeping.

I wish everyone would watch this doco so they could get the information they should be getting from news media but aren't. Which is exactly why I don't watch the news, because it's not really news at all. Real journalists are doing dangerous and necessary work to open our eyes to the truth behind these wars, where sadly, civilians have the highest casualties.

I have admired John Pilger since I was (thankfully) required to read A Secret Country in High School. He is my hero of journalism. If you didn't catch it last night, I can't urge you enough to watch The War You Don't See.
Here is the trailier
and you can watch the movie here online (except in Australia)


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  1. I just watched the trailer and i am already emotional! Will start the video tomorrow night and hope not to be too traumatised by this eye-opener. Thanks.